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Affectionately known to many as "Boss Lady", Carole J is the Founder and Publisher of BLINK. She has a style all her own which comes through in her photography, writing, and management of the magazine content and the BLINK team.

**Jacque Johnson

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Antonio is a very valuable assest to BLINK team. Not only does he handle all of BLINK's video he's also an excellent photographer and team player.

Greg Brooks

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Can you say Don't Stop, Git it, Git it? Well then you're talking about Greg Brooks. This man will tackle any story, no matter how controversial. He's truly a writer who's adopted the phrase Mike always uses, "Go Gorilla"!

Phillip Parker Jr.



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“I am someone that you would like to have in your corner during the toughest times, so that we can laugh and grow together throughout life's most challenging moments. Being a positive insp!ration to others makes my life worth living. Taking some of the worst times and finding that 1millimeter of hope to cling to, always transcends into a beautiful story that is meant to be shared. Never have Regrets, Luv Often, and Inspire Always.” -Rasheda Mitchell