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About Us

Profile Africa Logo-BLINKProfile Africa Worldwide Enterprises (Profile Africa®) is an innovative, results-oriented, full service Pan-African multimedia and economic transformation agency specializing in New Markets Development, Public Relations, Branding, Reputation Management, Constituency and Consensus Building, Stakeholder Relations, Strategic Communications, Visibility Campaigns and Events consulting with decades of domestic and  international experience.       

Rather than exploiting Africa for its rich natural resources and abundant labor, we envisage achieving our mission by creating a synergistic partnership between entrepreneurs and foreign investors. Profile Africa® aims to change the face of Africa, making it an ocean of opportunity. We want to show the world that it is possible to develop Africa economically through innovative market entry strategies and the promotion of entrepreneurship.

We directly link US brands, leaders, investors, corporations and governments with targeted and industry specific projects and expansion opportunities for business development within African countries. Our work attracts African Presidents, their state and local governments, US government officials and US agencies involved in Africa growth and development, private sector leaders, entrepreneurs, media and entertainment personalities and many other relevant stakeholders and corporate brands.

doingbusinessProfile Africa® Partners with President Obama’s Doing Business in Africa Campaign(DBIA)
President Obama believes that sub-Saharan Africa is poised to be the world’s next major economic success story. In June 2012, he issued the U.S. Strategy Toward Sub-Saharan Africa, committing the United States to elevate our efforts to spur economic growth, trade, and investment in the Region.
The Doing Business in Africa (DBIA) Campaign, launched in November 2012 in Johannesburg, South Africa, to help U.S. businesses take advantage of the many export and investment opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa.

There are three core components to this effort:Profile Africa® support of the DBIA campaign aims to attract significantly more American companies to explore sub-Saharan Africa’s trade and investment opportunities. This will be accomplished through a number of new trade promotion, financing and communication efforts.

  1. Educating U.S. businesses about the opportunities;
  2. Making it easier for U.S. companies to use various resources to help gain a foothold
    in the African market; and
  3. Shifting the perception of doing business in Africa to motivate an enduring U.S. economic presence on the continent.

A key component to Profile Africa® supporting the campaign is working with companies – leveraging their brands and their voices to promote trade and investment domestically and abroad; assist enterprises in developing an understanding of what it takes to succeed in an African market.

We focus on Expansion Strategies & New Markets Development, Personal & Corporate Branding, PR/Media/Publicity, Reputation Management, Business Development, Public Diplomacy, Audience Development and Marketing programs designed to meet the specific needs of each client, providing positive results through creative transformational strategies.

Profile Africa® help companies, political and public figures, organizations, entertainment agencies, brands and entrepreneurs align communications initiatives with business strategy; integrate brand marketing communications to achieve business results more efficiently; analyze and design the structure of communications organizations; and use effective strategic communications to achieve objectives in times of challenge, change or expansion.

In addition, we bring brands, enterprise and projects together to enhance and promote US-Africa trade and investment offerings; as well as build new business partnerships that would lead to bridging the US-Africa market gap via export/import promotions, buyers-sellers meet, brand marketing of goods & services, one-on-one matchmaking, market entrance strategies and more.

We partner with our clients, because we believe that only by harnessing public relations and brand power, business retain immediacy and transparency to build credibility and trust. In addition, we provide tactical strategic communications and reputation management counsel to key officials and executives who want to build, protect, grow or recover their personal or organization’s reputation, talent and brand value within an often unpredictable economic, social and competitive environment.

Profile Africa® believes PROGRESS” in Africa is EVERYONE’s Business & Responsibility… both Africa and her Diaspora!

As a result, we are joining hands with like-minded Pan-Africanists across the Americas, Africa and around the World who share our intentions to build a bright future and better life for all in Africa and within her Diaspora; and honor the opportunity to support your brand and growth objectives.

Our advice draws on years of global expertise in brand management and marketing; business development strategy, statistical modeling, media, new markets and expansion strategy particularly pertaining to the US, UK and African markets.

Touted by many, we facilitate direct and informed awareness of Africa and debunk the generally accepted views of Africans in mainstream media outlets and the western world. Using Pan-African businesses and key international brands involved in Africa’s growth trajectory as the target market in which we operate, we commence on a thoughtful, well-researched approach to cultivate and sustain a positive public image of Africa worldwide.

Profile Africa® is one of the first Atlanta-based independent strategic public relations, brand management and economic transformation agency exclusively focused on Pan-African leaders and strategic businesses across all African development sectors.